I'm the King of the North, I was once an empire but I haven't lost my crown yet. I am the Kingdom of Denmark in the flesh, I've been called many other names but as of now you may call me Mathias Østergård I may have settled down as compared to my more ruthless days but don't underestimate that for weakness. I've just come to understand that as of recent you need to be more diplomatic than bloodthirsty. 

M!A:mun is very picky and probably won't accept any

Location: Cottage country in Norway?

Taken by this Norwegian

Can be NSFW Singleship and independent: Mainverse is New Nord 5 everything outside is (V2) unless marked Bezerker

Iilit’s the shorty of the family untill you hear her talk, if you didn’t see here you’d think she’s 7 foot with that screaming

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    /She gives a small shrug./ I went huntin’ ‘nd fishin’ by m’self a lot of times before I moved ta Danmarki. Sometimes...
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    I could have taken you 2 hunting and stuff, I’m sure you’d have enjoyed that more but no, I had no say with kids….